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Art Shows



The Ankeny Art Center’s annual K-12 art exhibits have been part of an extended outreach program for more than two decades. With the goal of introducing students to the gallery setting, we hope to bring about individual self-worth within the community, increase community involvement, and promote culture and diversity. Through seeing their art on a gallery wall, we hope to bring insight to the students about becoming an exhibiting artist in the future.


The Ankeny Art Center began hosting the K-12 art exhibits at the Ankeny Chamber of Commerce in the early 1980s for the Ankeny School district. We held the Ankeny K-12 show at the Kirkendall library for many years until we moved into our current building in 2001. Having a more prominent space allowed us to open our doors to the surrounding area school districts to contribute student artwork. We enjoy serving our community and our neighbors and hope we can continue to do more in the future!

2023  K - 12  EXHIBITIONS

K-12 Shows


Exhibit Dates:

January 24 - Feb 15


Thursday, January 26th, 5-7pm 

North Polk

Exhibit Dates:

February 21 - March 15


Thursday, March 2nd, 5-7pm


Exhibit Dates:

March 28th - April 25th


South: Thursday, March 30th, 5-7pm

North: Thursday, April 6th, 5-7pm

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